BAU-STR bin dryer

Circular bin dryers ventilate the grain outwards from a center column. They are compact, save floor space, and can be expanded or contracted to accommodate different batch sizes. Based on the Vietnamese SRR dryer design, modifications by ADMI partner Bangladesh Agricultural University include a mesh cage, improved blower, and an option for LP gas as a heat source.

Capacity: 500 kg and up, bin can be expanded to more than 500 kg

Drying time: 500 kg of paddy dried from 24.75% to 8.5% moisture content in 7.5 hours. Time can depend on air temperature and blower speed.

Crops: rice, maize

Fuel: Electricity needed for blower, heat generated by burning rice briquettes or LP gas

Portable? yes, can be disassembled and transported

Ease of construction: some technical expertise required

Performance considerations: grain should be mixed regularly for optimum drying

Detailed instructions and specifications from Bangladesh Agricultural University