About Us

The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss (ADMI) works to promote improved postharvest management of grains and oilseeds to reduce poverty and food insecurity by generating knowledge, scaling improved technologies, and building institutional capacity. 

ADMI’s Vision

  • ADMI seeks to alleviate poverty and hunger among smallholder farmers by fostering postharvest innovation and identifying impactful postharvest management solutions that are affordable, practical, and locally appropriate.

ADMI’s Mission

  • The mission of the ADMI is to promote research, outreach, education, and capacity building on tools, techniques, institutions and policies to reduce postharvest losses in grains and oilseeds to promote environmental sustainability, food security, and poverty alleviation.
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1301 W. Gregory Dr.
60 Mumford Hall
Urbana  IL  61801

+1 217-333-5115