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How We Work Towards the Reduction of Postharvest Loss

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Measuring Postharvest Loss Inequality: Method and Applications

Dragan Miljkovic and Alex Winter-Nelson

Agricultural Systems, vol. 186, Jan. 2021, p. 102984.



Food security, postharvest loss measurement

A Review of the Methodology of Analyzing Aflatoxin and Fumonisin in Single Corn Kernels and the Potential Impacts of These Methods on Food Security

Chavez, R.A.; Cheng, X.; Stasiewicz, M.J.

Foods; 2020, 9, 297.


Aflatoxin, Food safety, maize

Sustainable Paddy Harvesting Solution for the Southern Delta of Bangladesh

Hasan, Md. Kamrul, et al.

2020 ASABE Annual International Virtual Meeting, July 13-15, 2020 American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, 2020.


Bangladesh, combine harvester, harvesting, rice

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