Celebrating 10 Years of Impact

80 projects funded in 20 countries
66 collaborators and partnerships
29,000 farmers directly trained
40,000 hermetic bags distributed
212 small-scale grain dryers in use in Bangladesh and India
60 equipment fabricators trained
PHL 101 on Coursera
8,500 learners from 166 countries
314 students at UIUC and
international universities
57 faculty at UIUC and international universities engaging with ADMI
77 research papers published
Learn about ADMI's 10-year webinar series: Reducing Postharvest Loss: A Food Systems Approach

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Success Stories

Food Systems Research in India

Food Systems Research in Bangladesh

Innovation Scaling: BAU-STR Dryer

Innovation Scaling: Hermetic Storage

Farmer Capacity Building

Institutional Capacity Building

Our Path Forward

The importance of ADMI’s mission to address food insecurity and environmental damage through the prevention of postharvest loss is even more apparent today than it was a decade ago. From severe climate events to global pandemic, recent experience has shown the importance of resilient food systems, and postharvest management has always been a pathway for building resilience.  

A decade ago, postharvest loss was barely discussed in policy dialogues and food loss and waste was not measured in a consistent way, making it difficult to systematically identify problems and work to solutions. A decade ago, the technical solutions to postharvest loss seemed to be widely understood, while the factors constraining adoption of those solutions were the subject of speculation. 

The path forward for ADMI is rooted in the recognition that improvement in postharvest management takes place within complex food systems and the systems as a whole must be understood to identify and implement solutions. 

As we look forward, we carry with us lessons learned, the support of a growing community of shared interest, and a platform of partnerships that we will leverage in our work to enable people to adopt the postharvest practices that contribute to more resilient food systems and a more food secure future. 


ADMI 10 Year Report

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