For research project, ADMI calling for success stories on PHL interventions via online survey

by ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss

There’s no doubt – awareness about postharvest loss is increasing.

While decision-makers worldwide continue to learn about the important impact of postharvest loss (PHL) reduction on food security, environmental sustainability, and rural livelihoods, we have also seen an increase in calls for evidence-based knowledge on how to prevent losses.

Poor storage condition of corn results in postharvest loss.  Credit: ADMI/M. Garcias

Poor storage condition of corn results in postharvest loss. Credit: ADMI/M. Garcias

This week, we are issuing a survey that supports this need for knowledge generation as part of a study our institute was funded to conduct by the Rockefeller Foundation. The goal of the study is to identify successful findings in global postharvest loss, scaling promising solutions, and promoting small holders in the adoption of postharvest loss prevention technologies and practices.

Of course, we are conducting a traditional literature review. However, it’s likely that much of the good work done over the years isn’t included in those sources. Therefore we’re asking for assistance from the network of professionals who are knowledgeable in this domain.

To accomplish this task, we’ve constructed a very short survey (just three questions). In responding, we do not expect you to undertake any research or analysis. Rather we hope that you’ll be able to provide “top of mind” responses.

Your contributions will be supporting an important endeavor, and so we thank you for your time, and you’re your support in helping to share with colleagues who are relevant to our study. Because of a relatively tight work plan, we would appreciate your response by Friday June 27.

Take the survey now.

With any questions, please feel free to contact Casey Cheng at More information about this project can be found by visiting here.

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