ADMI External Advisory Board meets at University of Illinois

ADMI External Advisory Board meets at University of Illinois

The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss brought our external advisory board to the University of Illinois campus for this year’s meeting, which was held on April 1.

Seven of the 10 board members were in attendance, and took part in a half-day business meeting, followed by opportunities to visit with ADMI-affiliated researchers at Illinois.

ADMI Director Alex Winter-Nelson welcomed two new members to the board: Jennifer Bernhard and Pradeep Khanna, both of whom previously served on the ADMI Steering Committee. Charlene McKoin and Daniel Quieroz have left the board, with McKoin moving to the ADMI scientific panel, which provides assessment of proposals submitted to ADMI.

The board members also shared a lunch with the College of ACES Office of International Programs External Advisory Committee. ACES Dean Kim Kidwell addressed the group.

After lunch, board members heard a presentation about research on grain drying with stored solar energy from Professor Bruce Litchfield. Professor Kent Rausch and graduate student Amir Jafari showed board members the STR dryer on campus, and Jafari talked about his work testing moisture meters. Jafari is a 2018-19 PHL Scholar, sponsored by ADMI. The group continued to Professor Matt Stasiewicz’s food science lab, where he explained his work with mycotoxin detection and kernel sorting.

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