Reversible Air Flatbed Dryer

The reversible air dryer adds a cover to a standard flatbed dryer and an air channel to allow the operator to force air from the top down or from the bottom up. By reversing the airflow, these dryers reduce the moisture differential between the topmost and bottommost layers of grain, thereby increasing the consistency in drying.

Capacity: 500 kg up to 12 tons

Drying time: reduce moisture by about 1.15% per hour; an 8-ton batch of paddy can be dried from 24% to 12.5% moisture content in 9-11 hours.

Crops: paddy, whole coffee, coffee bean, pulped coffee, peanuts

Fuel: generator or electricity connection for fan and additional biomass furnace for heat

Portable? no

Performance considerations: Due to reverse flow drying, grain does not need to be mixed.

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