Flatbed Wagon Dryer

The Flatbed Wagon Dryer is a completely self-contained mobile flatbed dryer, which is commercially available. This dryer can be shipped into a standard 20-foot shipping container anywhere in the world. It is designed for precision drying and contains a thermo-humidistat, which regulates the heater to bring the product to the desired moisture content.

Capacity: 215 bushels and 315 bushels

Drying time: reduce moisture by about 1.67% per hour; the 215 bushel dryer takes about 3 hours per 5% moisture reduction.

Crops: maize, but steel mesh can be customized to accommodate finer grains including flaxseed, rice, and wheat

Fuel: electricity

Portable? yes

Ease of construction: professional production required

Performance considerations: No grain mixing necessary. Difficult to use in poor electricity supply situations. Sides are 9 feet high, which could make loading difficult.

Learn more about the drying wagon, including a demo video