Collapsible Flatbed Dryer

The Easydry M500 dryer is a small collapsible flatbed dryer designed to be portable, unlike the conventional flatbed. In addition to portability, it differs from the conventional flatbed dryer by using a heat exchanger after the blower, so that clean air is blown through the grains to be dried.

Capacity: 500 or 1,000 kg

Drying time: for 500 kg, the dryer can reduce moisture by about 1.6% per hour; a batch of maize can be dried from 17% to 13% moisture content in 2.5 hours.

Crops: paddy, whole coffee, coffee bean, pulped coffee, peanuts

Fuel: generator or electricity connection for fan and additional biomass furnace for heat

Portable? yes

Performance considerations: Grain needs to be mixed frequently.

Ease of construction: technical expertise required

Download the EasyDry user manual from ACDI-VOCA