ADMI Postharvest Investment Calculator

The ADMI Postharvest Investment Tool allows users to identify postharvest practices utilized and their associated loss. This approach allows use of the best data available to make reasonable estimates of quantity and quality loss and identify the best mitigation strategies.

Quantity (physical losses) + Quality (value degradation) = Expected PHL

Download a PDF with detailed information about the design of the tool and advice for use.

Download the complete Excel spreadsheet

The tool provides a visual representation of flows and losses by segment of the postharvest supply chain. Users begin by establishing a baseline with their knowledge of the current situation.

The tool’s design allows users to explore different scenarios for reducing losses at different stages of the value chain across a district or an entire region.

After setting the parameters for the scenario, viewing the summary allows users to see a complete view of the impact of possible changes upon the postharvest loss situation.