Postharvest Loss Reduction Policy Initiative

Postharvest Loss Reduction Policy Initiative 


The Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) is an independent, policy-oriented, not-for-profit, economic policy think tank. ICRIER’s focus is to enhance the knowledge content of policy making by undertaking analytical research targeted at informing India’s policy makers and improving the interface with the global economy. 

Project Information

ICRIER and ADMI are partnering on the Postharvest Loss Reduction Policy Initiative to inform and amplify the policy discussion regarding reduction of food loss and waste along the food value chain in India through joint research and policy engagement. This two-year initiative will develop quality research, provide evidence-based recommendations about polices, and advance policy solutions through engagement with relevant stakeholders focusing on reducing postharvest losses in grains and oilseeds at a national scale through better storage and handling. 

Research: The project will prioritize four research topics with a focus on postharvest losses occurring in grains and oilseeds in India and broadly, South Asia. Research priority will be on major outlets of cereals harvested including on-farm storage and consumption, private intermediation, and public distribution.  

Policy: The project aims to elevate the discussion around food loss and food waste by disseminating information in leading news outlets and enhance formal and information policy communication related to improved postharvest management with relevant stakeholders. 


This project is ongoing.