Experts at Bangladesh Agricultural University optimized the BAU-STR grain dryer for Bangladesh smallholder farmers. Learn more about the dryer’s construction and use through these videos.

SAWBO Instructional Video

BAU-STR Dryer (Training and Dissemination Video)


Mechanization Videos

Partners at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) produced informational videos about locally relevant agricultural technologies to promote their use to farmers.

Rice Transplanter

Reaper and Combine Harvester

Seed Planter

PHL Videos

In 2012, the ADM Institute funded the Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) program to produce several animations providing tips for preventing postharvest loss during transportation and storage, and planting methods of teff grain.

Bag Transportation


Bulk Transportation

Row Planting of Teff

Bag Stacking

Teff Transplanting Technology