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drying, paddy, PHL technology
Management of Global Postharvest Losses

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value chain
Monitoring Grain Bed Conditions during Truck Transport of Soybeans in Brazil

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drying, maize, oilseeds, storage, transportation
Improving Farm Management Optimization: Application of Text Data Analysis and Semantic Networks

Wei-Ting Liao, Luis F. Rodríguez, Jana Diesner, Tao Lin

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harvesting, value chain
Diffusion and Production of Carbon Dioxide in Bulk Corn at Various Temperatures and Moisture Contents

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drying, maize, storage
The Economics of Post-Harvest Loss: A Case Study of the New Large Soybean – Maize Producers in Tropical Brazil

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harvesting, maize, oilseeds, value chain
From Tweets to Farm Management: Mining Agricultural Information and Discovering Agricultural Communities in Social Networks

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Development of a Grain Monitoring Probe to Measure Temperature, Relative Humidity, Carbon Dioxide Levels and Logistical Information during Handling and Transportation of Soybeans

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drying, oilseeds, storage, transportation
Comparison of Hermetic Storage of Wheat with Traditional Storage Methods in India

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PHL technology, storage, wheat