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External Resources Videos

  1. Aggregator for Videos about Postharvest Losses
    This website searches for and posts videos about postharvest losses.

  2. Missing Food: The Case of Post-Harvest Grain Loss in Sub-Saharan Africa

  3. Missing Food: Interview with Nancy Morgan

  4. Farm Radio International - Neem Leaves
    This video is a clip created for Farm Radio International by Story Workshop in Malawi, and discusses how the farm worker can use neem leaves to combat the effects of grain borers.

  5. Gulu Farmers to benefit from Warehouse receipt system

  6. International Rice Research Institute: Rice Science for a Better World

  7. Stop the Rot: MIT Global Challenge Video Pitch
    Team from MIT develops cellphone technology to link farmers with distributors, integrating solar drying racks into the postharvest drying process and focuses on the country of Paraguay.
  8. Qualitative and quantitative loss assessment of high value food crops (Mango, banana, calamansi, carrots, cabbage and onion) 2010
    30 minute video by Dr. Edralina P. Serrano of the Crop Science Cluster in the College of Agriculture at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Report on the generation of baseline data on postharvest losses of selected food crops with the ultimate objective of providing a basis for formulating sound and tenable loss reduction programs in the Philippines.

  9. Worldwatch Institute's Nourishing the Planet Series
lens on cameragreen fields