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Funded Research

    2012 Funded Projects (U of I)

    Measurement and Technology Development
    • Measurement, Documentation and Postharvest Processing for the Prevention of Postharvest Losses of Soybeans and Corn
    • Managing Grain Losses in Continuous Cropping Systems of the Tropics through On-Farm or Cooperative Storage
    • Appropriate Technology Development and System Integration for Post-Harvest Loss Prevention

    System Informatics and Analysis

    • Concurrent Science, Engineering, and Technology for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss

    Policy Analysis

    • Supply Chain Policy and Strategy Analysis for Prevention of Postharvest Loss
    • The Nature of Small Landholder Agriculture in the Brazilian States of São Paulo and Parana and Implication for Understanding Postharvest Loss

    Education, Training & Information Transfer

    • Education, Training and Information Transfer to Minimize Postharvest Losses – Scientific Animations Without Borders

    Seed Projects (U of I)
    • Innovosoy; Understanding PHL and On-Farm Storage in Mato Grosso
    • Preventable Post-Harvest Loss
    • Empowering the Human: A Crowd-sourcing Perspective
    • Integrated Crop Supply Chain Planning for Minimum Post-Harvest Loss
    • Distributed Wireless Monitoring of Carbon Dioxide Concentrations in Grain Bins
    • Engineering Solutions for Postharvest Loss Monitoring and Prevention
    • The State of Agricultural Policy in India and Brazil
    • Value Stream Mapping for Post-Harvest Loss

    Projects (India)
    • Overview of Four Case Studies
    • Understanding Rice Losses, Tamil Nadu: Marketplace Literacy Project
    • Baseline to Study the Value Chain of Maize in Rajasthan: Indian Society of Agribusiness Professionals (ISAP)
    • Mapping the production system and the supply chain and study the crop losses of Black Gram in Maharashtra and MP: MART
    • A study on pigeon pea postharvest loss in Maharashtra: Maharashtra Hybrid Seed Company (Mahyco)

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