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  1. Dell Social Innovation Competition: MaloTraders - To create an efficient, transparent and structured rice market by establishing a modern platform for the exchange of Farabana rice (Mali)
    Malo Traders' mission is to minimize the risk of post-harvest losses for Farabana small-scale rice farmers in the West African country of Mali, and intend to accomplish this mission by providing technological expertise on storage, packaging and distribution facilities to their clients. Based on their analyses, a conservative estimate of implementing their services would reduce post-harvest losses of the farmers by at least 10%. As a consequence, the farmers should see an increase of at least 45% in their profit margin.

  2. Purdue Improved Cowpea Storage (PICS) project
    PICS, funded by the Gates Foundation, is a five year project focused on improving cowpea storage in West and Central Africa, and is currently being implemented in 10 African countries. The project's goal is to have 50% of West and Central African cowpea stored with hermetic method by 2012.

  3. Reduction of Post Harvest Losses by Improving Storage Methods and Technologies (PDF)
    Project Proposal for the Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP). The project, funded by the Islamic Republic of Iran, is partnering with the governments and agencies of Pakistan and Afghanistan to create training courses and workshops to aid in the crisis of postharvest loss in developing countries. The project proposal gives and overview with details about the necessary elements in the pre-harvest, production, and postharvest processes, as well as analyzes the economic implications of postharvest food loss. The proposal also covers the main hindrances and obstacles to solving this problem within the countries of Bangladesh, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. The proposal contains an outline of what will be taught during training workshops and a timeline with goals and objectives.

  4. Reduction of Post-Harvest Losses for Food Security in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
    As a part of the United Nation's Development Programme to North Korea, the project will focus on post harvest management practices of farmers and extension workers, and enhance formal training, assessment skills, supplemented by specialized study tours, and the development of pilot demonstration farms.

  5. Silobag Project in Argentina
    Ricardo Bartosik, formerly student of Dr. Dirk Maier of Purdue University. National Institute of Agricultural Technologies (INTA) of Argentina. Developed Silobag for storing produce. Huge impact on the country. Work with many companies. Seeking to work with ADM Institute, especially regarding Silobags. Working with KSU (Dr. Dick Maier) on a research project involving Silobags in the USA currently.

  6. Stop the Rot: MIT Global Challenge Video Pitch
    The MIT Global Challenge connects students with the passion and talent to improve the world with the experience and resources of the MIT community worldwide. This annual competition awards $25,000 to the winning teams to implement their ideas on tackling the barriers to well-being. This highlighted video is of a group competing to "Stop the Rot," through developing cellphone technology to coordinate logistics for farmers and distributors, as well as employing the use of solar drying racks in postharvest processes. This specific project is focusing on Paraguay.

  7. UN Trust Fund for Human Security: TIMOR-LESTE - Reducing Post-harvest Losses to Improve Food Security
    Implemented by the FAO, this project aims to improve the food security status of rural communities through the reduction of post harvest losses and improved household storage capacities. This will be achieved through vocational and agricultural training as well as support to establishment of storage silos and emergency reserve stocks.

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