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In January 2011, the Archer Daniels Midland company (ADM) presented a $10 million gift to the University of Illinois to found the ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss (hereinafter Institute). The Institute was created as a response to the rising amounts of oilseeds and grains lost each year in food chains around the world.

The University of Illinois has a rich history in agriculture, agribusiness and engineering. ADM is a leader in the production of food and feed ingredients and renewable fuels and chemicals, and is dedicated to social, economic and environmental progress worldwide. 

The Institute is an international information and technology hub for evaluating, creating and disseminating economically viable technologies, practices and systems that reduce postharvest loss in staple crops such as rice, corn, wheat, and oilseeds.

Structure of Institute The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss is located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Steven Sonka serves as Director of the Institute, and oversees the research, education and outreach activities of the Institute.

Steering Committee The Steering Committee provides guidance and oversight of the ADM Institute for Prevention of Postharvest Loss. The Board is comprised of one ADM member appointed by ADM and five University of Illinois members.

External Advisory Board An External Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and assistance to the Director and Governing Board. The Board meets annually, and is comprised of members representing various academic, commercial, governmental and non-governmental institutions with strong interests and experience in postharvest loss issues.

Periodic Reports The ADM Institute for the Prevention of Postharvest Loss plans to post Periodic Reports to provide an update on the activities of the Institute. Visit the Reports page for recent Periodic Reports.

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