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Measurement and Technology Development

Measurement, Documentation and Postharvest Processing for the Prevention of Postharvest Losses of Soybeans and Corn

Principal Investigators: M.C. Danao, R.S. Gates, K. D. Rausch, & M.R. Paulsen
[Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering]

Dr.’s Danao, Gates, Rausch, and Paulsen focus their research on soybean and corn production in the central region of Brazil. Through their research, the extent and cost of harvest loss for soybean and corn producers will be determined, and the factors contributing to postharvest loss in transport and storage will be measured and quantitatively modeled. They also intend to design and evaluate alternative types for on‐farm storage.

Project Proposal
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Managing Grain Losses in Continuous Cropping Systems of the Tropics through On-Farm or Cooperative Storage

Principal Investigators: Peter Goldsmith & Altair Moura
[Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics & Departamento de Economia Rural, Universidade Federal de Viçosa]

The work of Dr. Goldsmith and his Brazilian colleague address the soybean/corn safrinha (second crop) system in central-west Brazil, measuring the extent of the problem, analyzing the cost and benefits of loss reduction within the safrinha system, and providing empirical findings for this rapidly growing component of the global grain system.

Limited economic research has been conducted on grain loss under high temperature and high humidity environments of grain production in low-latitude agricultural systems. Similarly, limited economic information is available on the additional impacts of distance and the lack of accessible storage on physical and economic loss in the region that this project will assess.

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Appropriate Technology Development and System Integration for Post-Harvest Loss Prevention

Principal Investigators: Ximing Cai, Imad Al-Qadi, Khaled El-Rayes, Youssef Hashash, Praveen Kumar, Wen-Tso Liu, Paramita Mondal, John Popovics, Mary-Grace Danao & Steven Eckhoff
[Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering]

The research team concentrates on developing technologies for preventing postharvest loss along the supply chain. The technologies include affordable sensors for bacteria, insects, and fungi in the harvest stage and physical sensors for moisture and temperature in storage, as well as a cost-effective design for storage and transport. Environmental and socioeconomic sustainability issues will also be evaluated. The technology development and system analysis will be demonstrated in a case study site in India, with a possible extension to Brazil.

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