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Policy Analysis

Supply Chain Policy and Strategy Analysis for Prevention of Postharvest Loss

Principal Investigators: Kathy Baylis, Dilip Chhajed, Mindy Mallory, & Udatta Palekar
[Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics & Department of Business Administration]

This research team aims at identifying and measuring the effects of both public and private sector policies and strategies that contribute to postharvest loss in India and to develop solutions to moderate them. Supply chain mapping, information-based innovations evaluations, and game-theoretic modeling of supply chain investment alternatives will be approaches applied to specific commodity and infrastructure choices.

Project Proposal | Video

The Nature of Small Landholder Agriculture in the Brazilian States of São Paulo and Parana and Implication for Understanding Postharvest Loss

Principal Investigator: Mary Arends-Kuenning & Ana Lucia Kassouf
[Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics & Escola Superior de Agricultura “Luis Queiroz” da Universidade de São Paulo]

Dr. Arends-Kuenning focuses on the postharvest loss issues of smallholder farmers in the states of São Paulo and Parana in Brazil. This project will explore and document the nature of smallholder agriculture, and available information on the extent of postharvest loss as it affects smallholders will be compiled.

Project Proposal | Video

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